Taller Capdevila S.L. located in Reus, has at your disposal all the services related to the brand MAKITA, with battery, petrol, electric and pneumatic engines, always looking for the best satisfaction from the customer.

From Taller Capdevila, S.L. we aim to offer you the best guarantee with all our products, especially battery, petrol, electric and pneumatic tyres. Thus, within the MAKITA range you can find trepels, radials and hammers for any construction or do-it-yourself activity, among other actions.

This guarantees the confidence of our customers for more than 50 years, where our customers have been satisfied thanks to our technical service, which is characterized by its reliability, speed and efficiency. On the other hand, our multi-disciplinary team carries out repairs in a completely professional way, without caring about the complexity of the issues.

We have to carry out different repairs of pumps, motors and auxiliary machines at a cost that is really economical and appropriate to the market. Moreover, we are also specialized in the rewinding of motors of different types.

Taller Capdevila S.L., complete services. Contact us!