In Reus, more specifically Taller Capdevila S.L., you can find the best products of KÄRCHER, one of the main manufacturers of textile equipment in the world. We are a serious and professional company that offers the best products related to the textile industry, such as the KÄRCHER range of products in different fields of application.


In our services we highlight a wide range of products related to the textile as well as other industrial applications. But the one that stands out above all are the products of the KÄRCHER range, one of the world's leading manufacturers of wire mesh equipment, which we have in our installations.

Thus, we have a wide range of products and equipment such as the residential range (CPE), the commercial range (CCE), the industrial cleaning systems, the car rental systems, the water treatment units or the detergents. We have both large and small equipment, but always attacking the brutality from the very first moment, so it takes time for it to reappear.

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