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Pressure washer repair in Reus and Tarragona

In Taller Capdevila S.L. we are specialists in engine winding and hydrocleaner repair in Reus and Tarragona. We offer you all kinds of professional services to help you make your industrial activity much more bearable.

Our specialities

We have extensive experience in the field of repair of pumps and engines and auxiliary machines. The repair of this machinery has made us, in the last 50 years, one of the workshops with the largest number of customers in Reus.

It is important to remember that the winding of motors and the continuous revision of its machinery has a direct effect on increasing its effectiveness. Our staff stands out because of its wide knowledge of the sector, which makes it an expert staff that detects any problem in the shortest time possible.
We come to your company to analyse the problem. We are at your entire disposal to always achieve a result up to the circumstances.

You only have to contact us, by phone or by e-mail, so that we can start the process that will end with the most effective repair for your machinery. We are passionate about our work and have become specialists in motor winding thanks to our continuous effort and tenacity. Discover our professionalism, make us your best support to continue evolving at the forefront of your business. For any kind of doubt, you can consult us and we will be pleased to help you.

Do you need an industrial workshop in Reus and Tarragona? Come and visit us!

Our company

A place where our clients can feel at ease and continue to participate in the service we offer. Taller Capdevila S.L. The company from Reus and Tarragona will be able to find, among other services of motor rewinding or electromechanical repairs. In addition, we work with the best brands on the market, so that as well as variety, we have the possibility of choosing a solution that is adapted to your needs.


In our workshop we are able to repair any brand of compressors and generators, as well as the motor winding. This makes us very competitive, since we can provide a solution to your needs, without having to change the repair location. We are also specialized in the repair of water pumps, electric motors and any other machinery available. 


For our repairs we always use materials of proven quality, which are appropriate at all times and in all situations, so that they are in line with our customers' tastes. For this reason, all our products are compliant with the corresponding ISO standard.


We are also specialized in the sale of machinery and engines. We work with the best brands in each sector, such as ABB, BLOCH, ESPA, JARDINO... we offer to our customers a complete catalogue of products from any of the suppliers. Not only machines, but also other devices with trepans, can be found in our installations, providing our customers with a complete service of products for any occasion or need. We offer the best pre-sale and post-sale service of the market, our customers give us feedback with their repeated visits and request for services and buys from our company.

If you need to carry out any type of electromechanical repair, Taller Capdevila S.L. Reus and Tarragona is your destination.

However, don't forget that at Taller Capdevila S.L. we are ready to help you, to advise you at any time, and to provide and search for any product you need. Contact us!